Non-Employee Login

All requests take 1 - 3 business days, please plan accordingly.

Reactivating a UCLC account

  1. If the non-employee has completed training in the UC Learning Center or if they were employed at UCSB before, please
    email and ask to re-activate your account.
  2. On the email include, the full legal name, the UCSBnetID,  the current sponsor department, and the PI/Manager/Instructor.
  3. The non-employee will receive additional instructions on how to access the reactivated account.

Getting a New UCLC UCSB Non-Employee Account

  1. Obtain and activate a UCSBnetID [no UCSBnetID? See]
  2. Non-Employees asks their Sponsor/PI/Manager to request a non-employee account as outlined below.
  3. The non-employee receives additional instructions on how to access their new account.

NOTE:  If the sponsor request a non-employee account for a person with either active or inactive UCLC access
the entire request will be denied. Therefore 
please make sure the employee does not already have an UCLC account before making this request. 

Sponsor/PI/Manager Instructions:

  1. Verify with your non-employees that they: Have not completed training before in the UCLC and that they have not worked at UCSB
  2. Go to the UCSB IT Services request form: UCLC Create Non-Employee Accounts Request.
  3. Enter your UCSBnetID and password.
  4. Read carefully and fill out all fields denoted by an "*".
  5. Click the Order Now button on the upper right to complete your request.
  6. A notification with instructions on how to access the UC Learning Center will be sent to all.

Non-employee Logins ONLY

Those with a UCSB Non-Employee (people without a UCPath entry) account. 
UCSB Employees (people with a UCPath entry) use the Employee Login.

UC Learning Center Non-Employee Login