is a leading online learning and global platform that helps UCSB employees learn business, software, technology and creative skills needed to achieve their full potential. Through our campus subscription which includes tutorials in five languages, members have access to the entire video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts. With, any UCSB employee can watch full courses or bite-size portions at their own pace from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

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You can use online training for professional development, and also for personal enrichment outside of work. From Microsoft Office and Adobe Create Suite applications to time management, leadership fundamentals, and more, the vast online library offers a wide range of on-demand instructional videos. As long as you have a UCSBnetID and are a UCSB employee, you can log in to on or off campus.
Note for non-exempt employees: Time spent on training for personal enrichment will not be considered time worked. As with all training opportunities, if you need to take training for your job, please work with your supervisor in advance to schedule the coursework and to request that course time be approved as work time.

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