SkillsMap Series

Better Your Best

In this interactive session, Jason Womack, productivity expert, executive coach, and author of Your Best Just Got Better, teaches how to maximize time, prioritize focus and minimize distractions in order to work smarter. With actionable items to take back to your organization, Womack helps you identify mid- and long-range strategic plans, increase leadership impact, enhance work-life balance, and create a positive workflow methodology based on strengths. Think it doesn’t get any better than this? Well, we’ll see about that.

Change Management - Turning Challenge Into Success

Every employee, team, and organization today faces a constant variety of major and minor changes. Balancing the demands of work and personal lives can be challenging, especially in tough economic times. Events both in the workplace and outside of work can impact both you and your team. In this workshop, you will learn: ? How change is a journey ? How to cope with change ? How to become a change agent

Drive to Thrive

This course will look at the concept of thriving in the workplace. We spend about 1/3 of our waking hours at work. We will study the behaviors of those who find these hours to be joyful and exciting. We'll discuss how we can work individually and with teams to promote both meaning at work as well as meaningful work. We'll look at recent happiness and organizational theory, but we will also look at specific tactics and strategies on a mutual drive to thrive.

Exceptional Customer Service

Both inside your organizaton with other departments and outside your organizaton with clients, exceptional customer service builds good will and serves as the foundation for productive working relationships. Identify the simple steps to great customer service, develop creative problem solving skills and learn phrases and words to avoid.