Financial Management Certificate Program

Ethics & Fraud in the Workplace

Many times it isn’t easy to do the “right” thing. Are there times that it’s OK not to do the “right” thing? Does ethics affect the decisions we make at work? Do we consider ethics a part of our decision making process? Why is it important to follow and enforce policies? How do we prevent and detect fraud? What signs do you look for? How do proper controls help prevent fraud? We will discuss these issues and more in Ethics and Fraud in the Workplace.

Fund Accounting

Can you name the six fund groups? Do you know the difference between restricted, unrestricted and designated funds? This course will discuss the objectives of fund accounting. We will discuss the six fund groups, how they are used and why. In addition, we will discuss the differences between University accounting and the private sector, encumbrances, budgeting, and the importance of financial statements.